Matte Glitter (Clashing mediums)

 My second semester almost seems too easy compared to last. With plenty of time on my hands, I am hoping to be posting more frequently. I figured that it would be fun to mix two different mediums together on my nails today. The results are a little odd, yet intriguing none the less. By mixing a matte base with some soft shimmer, nails that would normally be rather bland, have a bit of sparkle to them :) 


Essie hors d'oeuvres
Your typical glittery nail polish. Loove the gold flecks in it!

American Apparel Matte Top Coat
A very nice top coat. It dries relatively fast, but while it is drying, it is extremely prone to being ruined, as even the smallest touch can remold your nail polish

Revlon nail art in "Moon Candy"
I was at shoppers one day when the lady at the counter asked if I would like to donate a dollar of my money to a children's foundation. I figured, why not, it's just a dollar, so I said yes. The lady then said that since I made a donation, I could chose an item from a basket that she then presented to me. Inside this basket was this exact nail polish. The colour pigmentation is so dominant, that you only need one application to achieve an opaque black coat of nail polish. I use this shade on quite the regular basis. Talk about instant karma! Best $1 ever spent.

(I have yet to use the sparkle portion, thought to be honest, I am frankly not too interested in experimenting with it)


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