L'Oreal Paris Preference Ombre touch (REVIEW)

The new semester is mere hours away, so I thought to myself, why not change up my hair a little? I was debating as to whether I should dye my entire hair a different colour (Possibly a dark red-brown colour) Or add highlights to my hair. I decided to go with the latter as I still have "Virgin Hair". I do not want to be having to deal with touch ups on a semi-regular basis. I decided to go with some ombre highlights, which I figured would best compliment the already-dyed bottom quarter of my hair. I thought I would just share the process and my opinions of the entire experience :) 

L'Oreal Paris Preference Ombre Touch

 Above are the contents of the box. One thing that was missing was the "flat applicator cap" which you are supposed to put on the bottle labelled "1". This cap is used when mixing the products ("2" and "3") to ensure that no product spills out. Since I was missing this, I just used the applicator seen in this picture. As a result, all of the product got stuck in the applicator tip, and I was unable to properly squeeze out the product :(

(my cat truffle wanted to help me with the pictures) >.<
Furthermore, you are supposed to be able to twist off the little cap at the very top of the applicator so as to allow for a conveniently controlled application. I twisted off the cap, but it seemed as if part of it was still stuck inside, which just added more difficulties when it came to applying the product. Instead, I had to open up the bottle and use my (gloved) fingers to scoop out product bit-by-bit. The entire process was a little bit messy :/

Bye bye semi-ombre hair! I hadn't dyed my hair in well over a year, so this is what it looked like. Please excuse the ratchet hair ;P It is actually better to dye your hair when you haven't washed your hair in a while. This here is "third day" hair. I also cut my hair myself. What do you guys think? Is it passable? Should I ditch my computer science aspirations and become a professional hair stylist? ;P Hahaha

L'Oreal Paris Preference Ombre Touch
I wrapped a towel around my neck, and used the given gloves to ensure that my skin wouldn't be exposed to any of the harsh chemicals. The box comes with a little "touch applicator" that you are supposed to use to comb the product through yuor hair, but in the end i just found myself using my fingers to apply the product. It was already a pain to get any product out of the tube, let alone have it placed nicely on the touch applicator. After a couple minutes of struggle, I simply gave up and used my fingers.

I left the product on for about 45 mins (which is the longest that they recommend for you to have the product on) and then rinsed it out, used the given shampoo, and used my own conditioner. I then blow-dried my hair, and curled it, to see if I could achieve the results displayed on the cover of the box

L'Oreal Paris Preference Ombre Touch

L'Oreal Paris Preference Ombre Touch

(above: WITH lighting. these lights make the hair look a bit yellow, but i would definitely say that it is more of a lighter brown shade)
(above: WITHOUT lighting. Evidently, it seems as if lighting plays a giant factor when it comes to determining the colour of my hair. To be honest, I kind of like that. It adds a greater element of surprise) DO excuse the dry-damaged hair. I did not use any products whatsoever.

What do you think? I personally believe that the results do not look at all like the ones on the box, yet I am still pretty happy with the look. I can definitely notice lighter strands of hair, though I wish that L'Oreal could have found a much more efficient applicator for these highlights. I have used L'Oreal products for my ombre hair style, and they usually come with an applicator-brush which is very convenient and practical. However, when you are dealing with finer strands of hair, it is fair to say that a fine, precise applicator would inevitably be best.

Over-all impressions:
-leaves nice colour gradient
-looks nice even with rough application
-subtle results

-hard to apply (took a long time, not very efficient)
-MISSING material (cap)
-difficult to be precise with application

Overall rating: 7.0/10
Honestly, I was somewhat disappointed with the application of this hair dye, but the results aren't really that bad. For something that was so difficult to apply, the results are rather nice, as they truly got the job done. What this product lacks is an efficient method of application so as to provide the user's with highly customizable results. It just felt as if I was using a normal ombre hair dye and just sparingly applying it throughout my hair. If L'Oreal is going to market this product as a "highlighting" one, and make it more expensive than their regular hair dyes, then they need to step up their game and allow for a better application.


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