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Korean makeup

korean makeup

I was so excited to finally receive these little goodies from Korea! My friend and I placed an order on beautynetkorea.com for some amazing Korean makeup and skincare products! I have yet to try all of the products, but I just thought it would be nice to share and show you guys the stuff that i got >.<

1. TonyMoly "eggs"
One thing that I absolutely love about Asian beauty products, is the packaging. Don't get me wrong; sleek, delicate, and functional packaging continues to reign as my favourite type, though I would have to say that the sheer cuteness of these products make up for their lack of accessibility. I mean, look at these eggs! You can unscrew the top portion to reveal a lid that further stabilizes the product inside. I couldn't decide which egg to get, so I referred to the most logical solution.... to purchase all three. RIP my wallet.

The products within the eggs certainly vary in terms of their capabilities. The golden egg contains a thick, whipped balm of sorts, that is supposed to be used as a primer. The formula and consistency reminds me of Benefit's Porefessional, which continues to dominate the makeup industry as one of the best primers. This egg is a fraction of the price, and I would have to say that it works just as well as the porefessional does at smoothing out the skin, and reducing the look of obnoxious pores.

The beige egg has a wet, yet crumbly texturized substance that is supposed to be a face mask of sorts. I have yet to try it out, but it is supposed to resemble a firming mask. Maybe I'm too young to be trying out products like those...woops ;P

The last, plain egg, contains a pore mask solution. I am a little of scared of the pasty consistency, as it reminds me of styling gel. However, Asia is well known for its skin care products, so I am going to have to suck it up and try this mask out soon!

tony moly

2. TonyMoly tony tint
I am incredibly in love with this lip tint! I have mainly been using it as a second layer to a darker lip colour, to amplify the vampy red undertones. My favourite lip combo at the moment would have to be mac's "Rebel" with this tony tint layered overtop. The shade is "01".

psst....don't mind my super dry hands!!
tony tint3. SkinFood Black sugar cleansing oil and Salmon under eye concealer
I was immediately drawn in by the unique packaging of these products! I have been experimenting with various cleansing oils, and I must say, I have been loving the results. This particular oil is nice, as it contains minuscule grains of sugar that assists in the dreaded struggle that is removing one's makeup. It even removes eye makeup quite nicely, though I would have to say that removing that (on-point) eyeliner is still best done with eye-makeup remover, as the procedure is just a bit more gentle. Otherwise, the oil does an excellent job at removing makeup while keeping the skin soft and nourished. 

The concealer is wonderful! It has not caked up on me yet, and it does an excellent job at brightening up my under eye area. The shades for this concealer are limited, so I ended up going for the lightest shade. A little dab of this can definitely go a long way! 

Those are all of the things that I got this past week, and I continue to look forward to using them in my daily makeup/skincare regime. Have you guys ever tried any Asian makeup products? Any recommendations? 

Until next time :D

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  1. Can you post pictures of the insides of the eggs? Like the product? Thanx :D

    1. Aah that is a good idea! Ahahaha I am so sorry, I should have thought to post pictures of the actual products inside. I guess I was just captivated by the packaging ;P hehe, I will be sure to upload pictures soon!

  2. I reccommend Tony Moly tomatox

  3. woah i guess i should have warn you about the tinted gloss. There is an asian trend called gradient lips and i think you should try it out. Just put some lip concealer on your lips (maybe other types of concealer works the same just make your lip somewhat nude). Then tab some tinted gloss on the inner of your lip and using a cotton pad, tab lightly from in to out to get that gradient look. Better yet, google it!

    1. warn me from what?? ;P lol yeah i have heard about that! I saw i on the website that we ordered from :D looks pretty sweet. pretty dollish. Gunna have to try it out when I wear something ore girly :)



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