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I don't know about you, but my skin tends to have behavioral issues about once a month. During this period of time, it will throw a tantrum and decide to break out all over the place, so that my once-smooth skin turns into an uncontrollable mess. As useful as topical products are in maintaining the well-being of my skin, I find that products that truly sink into my skin yield greater results. I thought I would share some of my favourite masks with you guys, though do keep in mind, skin is a complicated thing. It varies tremendously between individuals, so please keep that in mind.

LUSH "Herbalism" (leave on for 5 mins)
Alright. this one isn't exactly a "mask" in the sense that it isn't marketed or sold that way. However, I like to use it this way :D
This is a good product to use in the mornings to exfoliate your skin, and I also like leaving it on just for a little bit to really ensure that its natural ingredients are adequately absorbed into my skin. The scent is a bit strange, (in the sense that it is very herbal) but it does't really bother me that much :)

(Left: The Body Shop TEA TREE face mask) (leave on for 20 mins)
The cooling effects of this mask are amazing! I particularly like the thicker formula, as it allows the product to really seep into my skin, instead of running everywhere. I find that tea tree oil oriented products agree quite nicely with my skin, as they tone down the redness and irritation of my acne, while providing a hint of moisture, and this mask is no exception. 

(Right: Tony Moly Egg Pore tightening cooling pack) (leave on for 20 mins)
I mentioned this product previously in my Korean Makeup haul post >here< . I stated that it seemed to be a tightening mask (duhhh) which I then assumed would be for older people, with aging skin. In my defense, this is a perfectly rational claim, as the word "tightening" seems to be thrown around a lot on the packaging of those anti-aging products. However, after much research (such reading), I found out that the product was supposed to "tighten" your pores, so as to reduce the amount of impurities that would get caught in them, and thereby clog them up. I can definitely say that I have noticed a difference when using this mask. The pores on my face have reduced in appearance significantly, and I find that my face has also been less oily. Korean Skincare > American Skincare! (Also, the texture of this is super trippy! It is almost as if it is a strange cloud/sponge hybrid)

The face shop Real Nature Sheet Masks (in mung bean and green tea)
(leave on for 20 mins)
To go along with the whole Korean skincare topic (trust me guys, the hype is real!) I must mention my absolute favourite brand for sheet masks! The Face Shop has quite a few locations in southern Ontario now (which is awesome!) and I urge you to check this place out! All of their products are super affordable and work wonders. These sheet masks for example are only $2.00 each! I like using these when my skin has been behaving well, as I find that they do a better job maintaining the appearance of my skin, as opposed to calming down a break out or something. The sheets are super hydrating and leave a serum of sorts on my skin once I remove them. I can be pretty picky with sheet masks, and I don't like to gravitate towards them because they always seem to fall off, or do nothing for me, but I can confidently say that these masks thoroughly make a difference in the appearance of my skin :) They have different types of masks for different needs, but the salesladies always recommend these two masks in particular for blemish-prone skin.

Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask (leave on for 15-30 mins)
Lastly, let me introduce my favourite little mask. As you can see, it is very loved, and has been used significantly. The texture of this mask is not as thick as the body shop one, but it still gets the job done. Using charcoal as a cleaning agent for the face is getting more and more popular, as charcoal does a wonderful job of sucking up all of the dirt and oil that resides on your face throughout the day. This mask takes a little bit of time to really dry up, but when you remove it with warm water after about twenty minutes, you can see that any pesky spots that may have been on your face have been reduced in size and swelling.

What are your favourite face masks? I am always in store for trying more out! Until next time :D


  1. Have you tried those face shop sheet masks that are for skin types other than acne-prone? I see those sometimes and wonder if they are good. But my skin doesnt break out much. (luckily) ;P

    1. yes I have actually! I have tried the "acai berry" and the "pomegranate" masks. They are better suited for moisturizing the skin, so I rarely use them as I don't need much moisture ahahah (I just use a regular moisturizer instead). Since I haven't really use them often enough I can't really comment on their effectiveness, but they were only 2 dollars anyways ;P

  2. For my breakouts I typically use a cheese grater or sandpaper, as they really smoothen out the impurities in my skin tone, and give my face a nice, rosy red, colour. Sometimes it leaks though, so be cautious with that. You can find these at home hardware or kitchen appliance stores.

    1. wow! what a wonderful idea! I never even thought about that! I have heard that just outright burning your face off with a flamethrower will also reduce the size of those blemishes, but flamethrowers are a little hard to find here where I live. ;P

      PS, Hi Quinton :D



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