Winter OOTD: Basic

                                           |Hoodie: H&M|
                                            |Jeans: Zara|
                                       |Shoes: Timberland|

Hello again! Just thought I would incorporate my basic, ordinary outfit of the day into a blog post. I am not much of a hoodie-person myself, as I find that they are just generally very bulky and awkward looking on my body. This cropped hoodie however seems to fit nicely, and it is also rather warm :) 

For some reason my hair continues to turn out as this odd mixture of cheeto yellow on assured it doesn't look quite as peculiar in real life. I am definitely going to have to re-dye it in the near future. ;P

Hope all is well :D until next time!
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Creds to the wonderful Sarah!

My previous photographer:


  1. Replies
    1. Ahahahahah it had to be done. ;) Man there were much worse pictures to chose from...hehehehe.

  2. You're going to catch a cold.



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