Colour of the year: Marsala

As 2014 comes to an end, the people over at the Pantone Color Institute have come to a conclusion as to what the following year's "colour of the year" will be. This colour is distinctly recognized by its reddish-brown hue, and it is called "Marsala". Pantone states that this hue is supposed to be the colour of chocolate, though I would say that its red undertones are bold enough to declare this shade as one of a more reddish descent. Others have also found some...lets say...."fascinating" ....ways to describe this colour.... One of my favourites would have to be 

"The color of a drunken mall Santa's outfit as he lies unconscious in the gutter." 
(Source: click here)

How appropriate for the season ahahah. ;P

Initially, I thought that this institute simply went through a "pull-it-out-of-a-hat" sort of a procedure when it came to deciding the colour of the year. It turns out that this supposed colour is actually their guess as to what shade will be heavily influencing designers worldwide. It is evident that Pantone's hypothesis is already proving to be super accurate. I have made a little collection of different beauty products with this shade. I actually think this shade would look very nice on the nails.
Marsala colour of the year

(Picture made by myself on Polyvore) Check out the full list of products here

What do you guys think about this shade? I am a little on the fence about this one, but I think it may be able to be pulled off. :D

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  1. Love this color!!! (; I think it would be hard to wear on your face, but easy for clothing.



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