Winter OOTD: Cozy Crochet

Winter OOTD

Winter OOTD

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winter ootd tumblr

                                         |Crochet Top: Suzy Shier|

                                           |Grey Top: Forever 21|
                                        |Leggings: Urban Outfitters|
                                             |Boots: Timberland|
                                     |Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs|

Hey, crochet textures aren't just for grandmas okay?

Winters' best aspect revolves around the fact that you can wear an abundance of different clothing pieces without risking being boiled alive. Layering plain, neutral tops over tops with statement collars is a great way to add a flair of style to what would normally be a pretty plain outfit. 

Plus, you know, over sized tops (and leggings) are just too cozy. To be honest, I had a physics test today, and I just can't write a physics test in tight, uncomfortable clothing.



  1. ha! Completely agree with the comfort comment: I'm out of school, but I still seem to live in leggings every single day of winter. :D

    1. I know right?! ;) They are so comfy and just easy to put on. That's also why I like printed ones, because it saves me time in the morning when it comes to choosing an outfit. I know that once I have put on printed leggings, I just have to chose a basic, neutral top and then I am ready to go! :D



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