Winter Nail Polish Favourites

Too soon?
Nahh ;P

To make myself perfectly clear, I live in Southern Ontario, and a hefty snow fall around this time of year is perfectly normal. Fall is unfortunately rather short lived, and winter tends to last for about half of the year (at least last year it did...and I am not exaggerating).

So, along with the pale snow and the faintly tinted sky, the nail varnishes that I seem to gravitate towards tend to be of the same attributes. Let me split these attributes into three categories for convenience.

1) Bold Shimmer
OPI In true stefani fashion

                               {Left: Essie "Hors Devours"}
                           {Right: OPI "In true Stefani Fashion}

These are two polishes from holiday/new year themed collections that I absolutely adore! They add the right amount of shimmer to make any ordinary manicure seem slightly more interesting. Take me for example... I seldom have the time to really sit down and elaborately paint on my nails. Why? Because

a) I have Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Advanced Functions to study for 
b) I am in chlorinated water at least 3 days a week....nail polish just doesn't last on me #swimmerproblems

2) Pale Pastels
Essie Rock the boat, Revlon Eclectic

                                     {Left: Essie "Rock the boat"}
                                {Center: Essie "Mint Candy Apple"}
                                        {Right: Revlon "Eclectic"}

Pastels? For winter? Do I need to further explain myself? I like to stick to cool toned shades (pale blue or green for example) simply because they seem to compliment my outfits a bit better than reddish-pink tones. These colours are great, and what I love about them is that they are opaque enough after just two coats; a definite must for those with an overwhelming lack of time on their hands.

Pssst: Mint Candy Apple by Essie is by far one of my favourite polishes,  but "Eclectic" by revlon looks so similar (on the nails), and is a fraction of the price ;P

3) Winter Shades

                                          {Left: Essie "Allure"}
                                    {Right: Essie "Rock the boat"}

I don't have much of an elaborate reason as to why these are perfect for the winter, but again I just tend to lean towards these shades at a slightly more often rate than any of the others in my collection. I believe that this is simply because they compliment practically every single outfit that I wear during the winter. It;s just as simple as that. :)

What are your favourite nail polishes? I am definitely game for buying some more, and I would love to hear what you guys love :D

Until next time :)


  1. I love mint candy apple!!! :D Also love Essie lilacism <33

    1. I have been meaning to get lilacism! Maybe next time! ;P Glad to hear you also like Mint Candy Apple!



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