October favourites!

Hello again!
So November has just started and it snowed today. IT SNOWED! This is the earliest winter Southern Ontario has seen in a while! I am not sure if I am quite ready to face the cold temperatures yet...but nonetheless, I have a decent handful of cosmetic favourites to share with you today. What have you been loving this past month?

 1) Nude nails and Matte Nails (not particularly used together)
This polish by Marc Jacobs (#102 Daisy) is the perfect neutral shade for your nails. It only takes about two coats until the pigment is opaque enough to be seen, which I appreciate, as the amount patience that I have while painting my nails is literally non existent.

The matte top coat (by American Apparel) is what it is...a top coat..that is matte. I would say that this isn't the best "long-wearing" top coat, but it does add a sweet effect to nail polish. I would say that it looks best with darker shades (I prefer to wear it with maroon red and black colours).

2) Eye brighteners!
Both of these products contribute to the much needed cause that is "not looking like a zombie when you wake up in the morning". The eye primer from Urban Decay does an amazing job at keeping my eye shadow on, and crease-less throughout the day. It also reduces the redness on my eyelids and creates a nice matte canvas for my eye shadows.

The eye brightener from Bare Minerals truly adds a glow underneath the under eye area that creates the illusion that you actually slept. I like to call this my "one extra hour of sleep" because it does just that (to your face of course.... one actual extra hour of sleep would be lovely). It doesn't cake on thickly, and it blends rather nicely. This concealer comes in three shades, but since it blends so flawlessly into the skin, the colour selection shouldn't be a problem for most.

4) Red Lips!
The colder weather is simply my excuse to wear monochromatic, simple outfits, and dark, bold lips. An all time favourite would be "Rebel" by Mac. The colour looks a bit intimidating when it is in the tube, but once applied, it is very flattering. The colour can range from a dark purple to red depending on what lip liner you use underneath. Whenever I wear this lipstick, I always get lot's of compliments. :D

5) Bold Brows
To be honest, I love bold brows year-round. I have been loving Anastasia's brow pomade in "dark brown". It is super bendable, and it wears all day long.

6) Favourite scent: "Warm and Cozy" by Victoria's Secret PINK
When I first smelled this in the store, all I could think was "wow..this smells like perfection!". It seriously does! I am probably not the best at describing scents, but I would say that it smells mostly of vanilla, with notes of sweet berries. Next time you are in a store, check it out! It is also very moisturizing, which I found surprising as it doesn't claim that it is. I'm guessing that it is because of the shae butter in the cream, which is very nourishing for the skin.

These have been my October favourites! Let me know what you guys have been loving this month! Until next time :D


  1. How much was the Marc Jacobs polish?? I want to try them out c:

    1. Hey! I forget the price...hmmm..maybe around 25 bucks?! (Taxes included). I got mine from a Canadian sephora so the prices tend to be a bit more on the pricey side. Totally worth it though ;)



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