CLAWZ 3D Printed Nails: The Future Of Nail Art?

I have some exciting news for you guys today! I have been given the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with to bring to you today some information about a modern, ingenious style of nail art that will truly revolutionize nail accessories world-wide. 

Clawz 3D printed nails

Founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba, produces 3D printed designs on plastics and precious metals, (such as 14k gold and a matte black steel to name a few). These designs are pressed into nails that can be worn and removed multiple times, something unseen of in the production of three dimensional nail art.

Clawz 3d printed nails
(Above: 14k Gold CLAWZ)

Clawz 3d printed nails
(Above: Gold-plated brass metal variation)
Prices range from approximately $2.95 -  $362.18
All of the variations can be found here

 It is quite evident that 3D nail art is blowing up globally. What truly distinguishes this brand from the rest of the competition, is the fact that the prints from CLAWZ are 3D-printed, and pressed into durable, lasting materials. Because of this,the longevity and durability of the design is most certainly guaranteed. The adhesive on these nails will not damage nail enamel in the slightest way, which is always a bonus!
Clawz 3d printed nails
(Above: Polished metallic plastic variation)

Aside from the noticeable lastingness of their designs, what sincerely differentiates this company is the fact that the founders themselves wish to incorporate the voices of ordinary women who love nail art into their very product. By being exposed to the good, bad and ugly aspects that the nail art industry has provided to women over the years, CLAWZ is able to extrapolate, and provide the best quality possible in their products. 

The company is now based in Shanghai, and it is hoping to collaborate with renowned Chinese fashion designers to get their very own line of nails put out alongside their clothing.

The official launch of these nails will be on November 25th. (Be expecting a review on these in the near future!!) In the mean time, needs to gather some email signups for their newsletter so that they can continue to conduct interviews with women in regards to their nails.

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